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Clubs & Organizations


Harvie Ladies and Gents

The Harvie Ladies and Gents is sponsored by Ms Tonya Holmes. Students in the fifth grade are selected by their teachers to act as student guides during school events.

Harvie SCA

The Harvie SCA is sponsored by Ms. Francella Robertson. The SCA (Student Council Association) at Harvie brings school spirit to students each and every day! We also reach out to the community and help those in need. We collect cans for Christmas Mother and hold fundraisers to raise money for charities, such as The Haiti Relief Fund and The American Heart Association. We also raise money for school each year by hosting our Carnation Gram sale. Our motto this year is “Be a voice, not an echo.” Thanks for all of those who support our SCA!

Harvie Safety Patrols

The Harvie Safety Patrols are sponsored by Ms. Elizabeth Raymond. The fifth grade safety patrols at Harvie are here to keep our hallways safe, maintain orderly conduct, and inform our students about appropriate hallway behavior. Patrols are very serious about their duties as Harvie Heroes and enjoy their positions



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