Jul 30

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School Supply List 2019 -2020

Click here to download complete Supply List 2019-2020


1 pair of metal Fiskars scissors

2 blue plastic pocket folders (NO PAPER FOLDERS, please!)

4 packs of 24-count CRAYOLA-brand crayons

30 ELMER’S glue sticks

2 boxes #2 wooden pencils

2 packs BLACK EXPO dry erase markers

1 plastic crayon box

1 regular composition notebook

2 large boxes of tissues

2 large containers of Clorox bleach wipes

1 complete change of clothes (place in a zippered plastic storage bag with child’s name)

BOYS: 1 box gallon sized Ziplock bags

BOYS: Cheap WHITE paper plates

GIRLS: 1 package of brown lunch paper bags

GIRLS: 1 box sandwich sized Ziploc bags

First Grade

4 boxes of 24 crayons (LABEL)

24 glue sticks

1 pack index cards

3 standard boxes of tissues

2 boxes of SHARPENED pencils (24 count)

2 pairs of scissors (LABLE)

1 box Band-Aids (LABLE)

4 black & white composition books (no spiral)

1 yellow plastic pocket folder

1 red plastic pocket folder

1 blue plastic pocket folder

1 green plastic pocket folder

1 LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer

2 packs of 5 Expo 2-brand dry erase markers

1 plastic school box (LABLE)

3 containers bleach wipes

1 box of gallon Ziploc bags (girls)

1 box sandwich Ziploc bags (boys)

$1.00 Headphones (LABLE)


Second Grade

8 black/white (no spiral) composition journals (used for math, science, social science, spelling, homework and morning work)

8 BLACK Expo markers

2 pairs of scissors

1 plastic pencil box

2 packs of crayons (24-pack)

10 LARGE glue sticks (or 30 small)

4 plastic pocket folders (1 red, 1 green, 2 blue)

2 pink pearl erasers

3 standard-size boxes of tissues

2 LARGE containers of Clorox wipes

2 yellow highlighters

4 boxes of #2 pencils

1 LARGE bottle hand sanitizer

1 red pen

1 box of Band-Aids

Headphones (personal use)

Girls – 1 box Ziploc gallon bags

Boys – 1 box Ziploc zip top sandwich bags

Third Grade

6 black/white composition notebooks – NO SPIRAL

8 plastic folders -) 2 each red, green, blue, yellow)

4 boxes crayons

10 boxes sharpened #2 pencils(no mechanical)

2 pairs of scissors

12 glue sticks

1 small pencil bag with zipper (no boxes)

2 packs highlighter pens

4  packs dry erase markers

1 ruler

1 sturdy 2 inch binder with pockets

1 pack 5-tab plastic dividers

3 packs loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)

GIRLS- 1 box Ziploc gallon bags

GIRLS- 1 pack of 3X5 index cards

BOYS- 1 box Ziploc sandwich bags

BOYS- 1 box of Band-Aids

6 boxes of tissues

2 large bottles of hand santizer

3 containers of bleach wipes

1 pair durable headphones

Fourth Grade

2 pairs scissors

10 LARGE glue sticks

5 packs #2 pencils (no mechanical)

3 packs of loose leaf paper

6 boxes of tissues

1 box colored pencils

8 composition books (NO SPIRAL)

4 plastic pocket folder with 3 holes (green, red, blue, yellow)

2 packs(3-pack) yellow highlighter pens

BOYS– 2 boxes Ziploc quart size bags

GIRLS- 2 boxes Ziploc gallon size bags

3 packs dry erase markers

3 containers of bleach wipes

2 large bottles of hand santizer

1 pack 3×5 index cards

1 pack of 10 sheets(page) protectors

1 set of headphone earbuds

1 ruler

1 box of 24 crayons

Fifth Grade

6 composition notebooks

1 box of colored pencils

1 – 2 inch 3 ring binder

1 pair of scissors

5 large boxes of tissues

6 boxes of #2 pencils with erasers (no mechanical)

3 packs of COLLEGE ruled loose leaf paper

2 bottle of 7.5 ounces or larger hand sanitize

1  4 -count pack of highlighter

4 packs of 3×5 ruled index cards

1 paperback Webster dictionary (for home )

1 plastic pocket folder with holes

1 pack of red pens

3 containers of disinfecting wipes

6 large (or 12 small) glue sticks

1 box of Band-Aids

BOYS– 1 box Ziploc gallon size bags

GIRLS- 1 box Ziploc quart size bags

1 plastic shoe box with lid (It is important to get shoe box size so that it fits into cubby. These can be found at Dollar Store.

1 pack of dividers for binder

$20.00 for Young Scientist lessons

K-5 Functional Curriculum Classes (Autism)

6 boxes of tissues

3 bottles of hand santizer

2 packs of baby wipes for toileting needs

6 canisters Clorox wipes

Pull-ups if not toilet trained- labeled with student’s name

pencil erasers

2 pencil boxes – labeled with student’s name

2 plastic supply boxes with removable lid  (shoe box size)  labeled with student’s name -Dollar Tree

1 pack of Playdoh

5 dry erase markers

1 pair Fiskar scissors

5 glue stick

2 packs of 5 tab dividers for binder

1 rest mat (kindergarten size)

2 boxes of gallon Ziploc bags

2 boxes of quart Ziploc bags

*Extra set of clothes- shirt, pants, underwear, socks in a labeled Ziploc bag. Write student’s name in each item of clothing or use masking tape to label.

Healthy Snack each day (not candy: salty or fruit)

Water bottle or juice for snack each day

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