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Feb 20

Do You Have a Henrico County Public Library Card?

Check out the new Fairfield Area Library! Click here to get your card:

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Nov 20

VIDEO: Henrico Learning Today

HCPS TV stopped by Harvie Elementary School as Mrs. Lay’s 2nd grade class learned about US landforms.

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Oct 01

Child Find Notice

Do you have questions or concerns about your child’s development? Do you believe that your child might benefit from special education? Don’t sit back and wait. Take time to ask about …CHILD FIND”

HCPS Child Find Flyer_English (1)

HCPS Child Find Flyer_Spanish (1)

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Aug 30

An important message for families of students who use bus transportation

This is an important message for families of students who use bus transportation:

First day of school is almost here! Our drivers have been working hard to rehearse their routes and make sure Sept. 3 is the beginning of a great week. With that in mind, we ask for your patience next week as some buses may experience delays. Here’s why, along with answers to some other frequently asked questions.

What can I expect during the first week of school?

Thousands of Kindergarten and preschool students are riding a school bus for the very first time. We take extra care with these students, such as requiring authorized adults to show ID in order to get them off the bus in the afternoon. Afternoon delays are inevitable as parents become accustomed to our process, and as our drivers meet many of these families for the first time. In limited instances, bus delays may become very lengthy on the first couple of days, but those delays should quickly shorten as everyone gets used to the new routine.

We also realize that the first week of school can often be filled with emotional moments and “must get” photo opportunities. Sometimes this will result in buses being behind schedule.

Where can I find bus information?

Bus stop information is now available on our website as well as through Rycor Online Forms and PowerSchool. We recommend students be at their morning bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive. Please review bus stop safety procedures and follow the direction of bus drivers.

Will you let me know if the bus is running 10-15 minutes late?

Pupil Transportation staff makes every effort to notify parents of significantly late buses through School Messenger text messages. For more information on our automated communication methods, click here to visit the Communications and Community Engagement page 

What if I need to call someone in the Transportation department?

If you would like to speak to someone in our Transportation department, you can do that too by calling one of our zone offices. Henrico is a big county that is served by several different transportation zones. To find the zone office that is responsible for your student’s school, click here.

How do I make a formal request regarding my student’s transportation?

Transportation staff receives hundreds of written requests from parents in September. Parents should complete the “School Bus Request Form,” also linked on the web page.  Priority will be placed on assigning new or recently moved students. Requests for changes to bus stop locations will be addressed as a lower priority.

Here’s to a great 2019-20 school year!

Josh Davis
Director, Pupil Transportation

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Aug 28

Henrico Schools using “Anonymous Alerts” system to improve communication about safety concerns

What is Anonymous Alerts?

The Anonymous Alerts safety and anti-bullying reporting system helps combat negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressure are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome.

The system allows for one-way or two-way anonymous encrypted communication between those submitting reports (students, parents or community members) and school division administration and staff members. System users have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report.

How does it work?

To use the new app, students, parents or others simply visit the Henrico County Public Schools website and click on the “Anonymous Alerts” button or the text link to submit a report expressing a concern. Anonymous Alerts apps can be downloaded directly from the Apple, Google Play or Chrome stores.

Users enter Henrico Schools’ Anonymous Alerts activation code – Henrico – and select the school to which the message should go. Informational posters explaining how to use the system will be displayed in HCPS schools and offices.

To send reports from the internet, go to:

To send a report from your phone:

  • Download the free Anonymous Alerts app from the Apple Store, Google Play store or Chrome store.
  • Launch the app and enter the activation code, Henrico.
  • Send important reports to school officials.
  • If desired, add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident.


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Aug 20

Questions or concerns about your child’s development? Contact CHILD FIND

HCPS Child Find Flyer_English                   (1) HCPS Child Find Flyer_Spanish



Concerned about your child’s development?

Do you have questions or concerns about your
child’s development? Do you believe that your
child might benefit from special education?

Child Find is the process school divisions
must use to locate, identify and evaluate
children who need special education and
related services. It is the first step in the
process of determining if a child is eligible
for special education. In Henrico County, it is
the responsibility of Henrico Schools to help
coordinate the Child Find process.

For children already in school:
If you suspect that your child may have a
disability, contact your child’s teacher to discuss
the possibility of a referral, or call the HCPS Office
of Exceptional Education at 804-652-3801.

For children age 2-5 (must be 2 by Sept. 30):
If you suspect that your child may have a
developmental delay, contact the Preschool
Testing Team at 804-515-1146.

For children birth to age 3:
Please contact the Early Intervention Programs,
Infant and Toddler Connection of Henrico at


Office of Exceptional Education | PO Box 23120 | Henrico, VA 23223




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Jul 30

School Supply List 2019 -2020

Click here to download complete Supply List 2019-2020


1 pair of metal Fiskars scissors

2 blue plastic pocket folders (NO PAPER FOLDERS, please!)

4 packs of 24-count CRAYOLA-brand crayons

30 ELMER’S glue sticks

2 boxes #2 wooden pencils

2 packs BLACK EXPO dry erase markers

1 plastic crayon box

1 regular composition notebook

2 large boxes of tissues

2 large containers of Clorox bleach wipes

1 complete change of clothes (place in a zippered plastic storage bag with child’s name)

BOYS: 1 box gallon sized Ziplock bags

BOYS: Cheap WHITE paper plates

GIRLS: 1 package of brown lunch paper bags

GIRLS: 1 box sandwich sized Ziploc bags

First Grade

4 boxes of 24 crayons (LABEL)

24 glue sticks

1 pack index cards

3 standard boxes of tissues

2 boxes of SHARPENED pencils (24 count)

2 pairs of scissors (LABLE)

1 box Band-Aids (LABLE)

4 black & white composition books (no spiral)

1 yellow plastic pocket folder

1 red plastic pocket folder

1 blue plastic pocket folder

1 green plastic pocket folder

1 LARGE bottle of hand sanitizer

2 packs of 5 Expo 2-brand dry erase markers

1 plastic school box (LABLE)

3 containers bleach wipes

1 box of gallon Ziploc bags (girls)

1 box sandwich Ziploc bags (boys)

$1.00 Headphones (LABLE)


Second Grade

8 black/white (no spiral) composition journals (used for math, science, social science, spelling, homework and morning work)

8 BLACK Expo markers

2 pairs of scissors

1 plastic pencil box

2 packs of crayons (24-pack)

10 LARGE glue sticks (or 30 small)

4 plastic pocket folders (1 red, 1 green, 2 blue)

2 pink pearl erasers

3 standard-size boxes of tissues

2 LARGE containers of Clorox wipes

2 yellow highlighters

4 boxes of #2 pencils

1 LARGE bottle hand sanitizer

1 red pen

1 box of Band-Aids

Headphones (personal use)

Girls – 1 box Ziploc gallon bags

Boys – 1 box Ziploc zip top sandwich bags

Third Grade

6 black/white composition notebooks – NO SPIRAL

8 plastic folders -) 2 each red, green, blue, yellow)

4 boxes crayons

10 boxes sharpened #2 pencils(no mechanical)

2 pairs of scissors

12 glue sticks

1 small pencil bag with zipper (no boxes)

2 packs highlighter pens

4  packs dry erase markers

1 ruler

1 sturdy 2 inch binder with pockets

1 pack 5-tab plastic dividers

3 packs loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)

GIRLS- 1 box Ziploc gallon bags

GIRLS- 1 pack of 3X5 index cards

BOYS- 1 box Ziploc sandwich bags

BOYS- 1 box of Band-Aids

6 boxes of tissues

2 large bottles of hand santizer

3 containers of bleach wipes

1 pair durable headphones

Fourth Grade

2 pairs scissors

10 LARGE glue sticks

5 packs #2 pencils (no mechanical)

3 packs of loose leaf paper

6 boxes of tissues

1 box colored pencils

8 composition books (NO SPIRAL)

4 plastic pocket folder with 3 holes (green, red, blue, yellow)

2 packs(3-pack) yellow highlighter pens

BOYS– 2 boxes Ziploc quart size bags

GIRLS- 2 boxes Ziploc gallon size bags

3 packs dry erase markers

3 containers of bleach wipes

2 large bottles of hand santizer

1 pack 3×5 index cards

1 pack of 10 sheets(page) protectors

1 set of headphone earbuds

1 ruler

1 box of 24 crayons

Fifth Grade

6 composition notebooks

1 box of colored pencils

1 – 2 inch 3 ring binder

1 pair of scissors

5 large boxes of tissues

6 boxes of #2 pencils with erasers (no mechanical)

3 packs of COLLEGE ruled loose leaf paper

2 bottle of 7.5 ounces or larger hand sanitize

1  4 -count pack of highlighter

4 packs of 3×5 ruled index cards

1 paperback Webster dictionary (for home )

1 plastic pocket folder with holes

1 pack of red pens

3 containers of disinfecting wipes

6 large (or 12 small) glue sticks

1 box of Band-Aids

BOYS– 1 box Ziploc gallon size bags

GIRLS- 1 box Ziploc quart size bags

1 plastic shoe box with lid (It is important to get shoe box size so that it fits into cubby. These can be found at Dollar Store.

1 pack of dividers for binder

$20.00 for Young Scientist lessons

K-5 Functional Curriculum Classes (Autism)

6 boxes of tissues

3 bottles of hand santizer

2 packs of baby wipes for toileting needs

6 canisters Clorox wipes

Pull-ups if not toilet trained- labeled with student’s name

pencil erasers

2 pencil boxes – labeled with student’s name

2 plastic supply boxes with removable lid  (shoe box size)  labeled with student’s name -Dollar Tree

1 pack of Playdoh

5 dry erase markers

1 pair Fiskar scissors

5 glue stick

2 packs of 5 tab dividers for binder

1 rest mat (kindergarten size)

2 boxes of gallon Ziploc bags

2 boxes of quart Ziploc bags

*Extra set of clothes- shirt, pants, underwear, socks in a labeled Ziploc bag. Write student’s name in each item of clothing or use masking tape to label.

Healthy Snack each day (not candy: salty or fruit)

Water bottle or juice for snack each day

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